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WOD 04202023

A. Dynamic Stretches

B. (6 minute clock)

Even minutes: 40 second suit case hold (L)

Odd minutes: 40 second suit case hold (R)

(Pick load for strength)

C. “Teams of 3”

(24 minute clock)

Every 6 minutes:

(As many rounds as possible in 3 minutes)

6 deadlifts 225/315lb

9 calorie assault bike

(2 people work; 1 person rest)

(1 person on each movement; rotate in order)

(As many rounds as possible in 3 minutes)

Max: push ups

(1 person works; 2 people rest)

(Switch as much as needed)

(Athletes pick up where they left off each AMRAP)

D. Static stretches

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