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Book a FREE appointment with us TODAY so that we can help you find the exact program you are looking for and to hear more about our current SPECIALS!

There's ONLY 3 Steps to our program to MAXIMIZE your results, guaranteed!

The 3 Steps:


Step 1: The Fitness  

The 3 Goals: 

  • 1. Longevity 

  • 2. Injury Prevention

  • 3. Quality of life


The 3 Needs:

  • 1. Health: HR, BP, weight, body fat %

  • 2. Reduced Limitations/ Increased Extremities

  • 3. Strength with functional fitness


The 3 Actions 

  • 1. Cardiovascular Endurance & Metabolic Conditioning 

  • 2. Range of Motion, Mobility, Flexibility, Muscle Symmetry 

  • 3. Finding intensity and improving all fitness components by using functional movements that benefit us inside and outside of the gym.  


Step 2: The Nutrition 

  • We have a proven program formulated to maximize your results much faster than other programs while giving you the capability of eating the foods you like!

Step 3: The Accountability 

  • This last step of our program consists of a professional accountability system! Not only will you receive GREAT accountability from our coaches, but you will also get it from our awesome community as well!


  • Our community has been shown as a “family” and your biggest support system! Each member pushes each other every day, bringing everyone closer to their desired goal! 

Our Programs:

  • Group Sessions: Personalized group workouts run by extremely knowledgeable coaches looking to personalize each workout for every individual, working with ALL AGES and ALL LEVELS of fitness! Each workout is 60 minutes long consisting of a total body workout with our AMAZING community and a TON of ENERGY! Each member starts off on a very minimal / easy track and movements that you are comfortable with doing in the beginning until we eventually develop the next level of intensity. Although you are in a group, we still follow a very professional coaching atmosphere so that we can provide you with the personal guidance that you need each session for us to hit your desired goal!


  • Group Session Drop Ins: Looking to try a Group Session before you sign up?? Not a problem! Let’s start here! Our Group Session Drop In is just a single group workout with our AWESOME community still run by our excellent coaches! Give us a try and see what you think! 


  • Semi-Private Personal Training: Consists of (1-4) people in a private group session. Less people and slightly more personalized for each workout! This program still gives you the group workout atmosphere while giving you a feel of our 1 on 1 personal training program as well!


  • Personal Training: Want a more private / personalized workout just 1 on 1? This program is immensely more focused and personalized for a more directed result with one of our excellent coaches.  Here we can breakdown more detail of the movements and explanations of each workout. Still keeping each session simple and enjoyable just for you!


  • Nutrition: Become a member of our highly developed Nutrition program in addition to our fitness programs! With an assigned coach, we work with you 1 on 1 to help you with Nutrition. This program has been proven to MAXIMIZE your results in ALL areas. We constantly keep this program updated and NEW to ensure that we are the TOP program. Here we share the secrets to why we achieve results much faster than other programs! A nutrition program so simple to follow that all your friends and family will wonder why you get to eat such delicious meals while still achieving AWESOME results!


  • Online Personal Training: Is our facility too far away?? Not a problem! We have clients ALL over! Jump on to our NEW and upcoming Online Personal Training program! For the last 3 years, we have developed a GREAT online platform for members that cannot attend our fitness programs at our facility! This online platform is on the rise and working each day to improve to be a TOP program for members joining online. We personalize a program specifically made for you to achieve any goal you desire! This consists of working with you 1 on 1 every day with your workouts AND help you each day with your Nutrition! Even though this program is Online, here we can still GUARUNTEE you results!


  • Olympic Weightlifting Concepts: This program is a group session held at our facility primarily focused on the concepts and fundamentals for Olympic weightlifting. In this session we practice drills for skill development and along with building strength for movements using the barbell. With learning these concepts and the implementation of our highly developed strength program, we can help teach new beginners to become more comfortable / confident with the barbell movements as well as improve the development of any advanced athlete’s skill and strength. This program reduces the risk for injuries, develop a better understanding for our strength program, and also giving our members a time to focus on the fundamentals without extreme intensity. 


  • Members Online Subscription: Not looking for personal training but would still like to follow our fitness program for guidance?? This program is for you! Our Members Online Subscription is a subscription for access to our Members Portal! The Members Portal contains access for ALL of our Group Session workouts, Online Training workouts, AND information for our highly developed Nutrition Program. All information shared to help you achieve ANY goal! The Members Portal is in progress of implementing 150+ videos inside the portal consisting of demonstration videos for our entire fitness program, secrets to our Nutrition, also help with motivation and mental health. The Members portal is a very informational and helpful tool for ALL members! 

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